Your Wellness Partner

One9 World Enterprises is developing this Online Wellness Ecosysten to provide Wellness Management & Consulting in Wellness Initiatives, Preventive Care Strategies, Recreation Programs, development & design of Services for Corporates etc.

Our Endeavor is to bring back smiles through simple to-do steps & Services by providing a Ecosystem / Hub -

  • To understand an Individual's specific Physical & Emotional Wellbeing needs based on the root cause of one's Lifestyle.
  • To make the approach more Holistic, Integerated, continous process with review & consultation Mechanism with one's regular Wellness Practitioners / Advisers.
  • To Guide, Awareness & focus on Preventive Healthcare, Personalised Health & Wellness Management, Emotional & Stress Management.

Our Team :

Our CEO Mr Vikky has conceptualised this versatile & beneficial Wellness Services Hub. He has wide experience in the Healthcare & Wellness segment including International Business.

Our Experts :

Wellness & Medical Professionals from Naturopathy, Psychology & Nutrition Streams to provide the necessary guidance, to do & avoidable actions for healthy & happy life.


On Well-being
Thomas Edison Says
“The Doctor of the future will give NO medicine but will interest his patient in the care of human frame, in diet & in the cause & prevention of disease”
Hippocrates says
“We must turn to nature itself to the observations of the body in health & in disease to learn the truth”
World Health Organization Says
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social Wellbeing & not merely absence of disease & infirmity”
Florence Nightingale says
“Health is not only to be well but to use well every power we have”