WellnessWay4U Ecosystem

.... TO work your way to being more Productive, Healthier, Happier and Energetic

What is WellnessWay4U ?

A versatile Ecosystem with online-offline tools and resources for **360 deg approach to individual wellbeing in simple steps designed to be -

An All-round wellbeing companion and guide for Individuals

(My Wellbeing Keys to recap and handle better multiple factors faced that affect-influence all-round wellbeing/Life, happiness, productivity, personality development, progress, healing, rejuvenation)


Versatile support system for Wellbeing Advisors / Service Providers.

{Regular review & consultation mechanism through ONLINE Consultation Forum to track the progress of Wellness Programs, Therapies, Coaching, Counselling etc. over the duration of the program at the beginning, midway (multiple number of times) & end of the same.}

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Co-relate to Offline tools and resources

Bioenergy feedback of 43 Organs by Non-invasive One Minute Palm scan

No Medicines, No Electromagnetic Radiations, No Questionnaires - One Minute Feedback for 43 Organs. News Reviews by Times of India, Express Healthcare, NDTV etc.


How does 360 deg approach-view bring Value-Additions ?

As, each of us are unique, Ww4u's**360 deg approach empowers individuals and their Guide/Coach(...Service Providers) with more touchpoints-parameters (wider Canvas) to -

  1. Identify the Chain-links of small social, psychological, and behavioral factors/doables that influences our bodily process, happiness, productivity, personality development, progress.
  2. Harness Individual's strengths, hidden potential, understand their Issues better and best possible ways to handle it in simple steps through process of Awareness, Engagement, Empowerment, Accountability and Motivation (AEEAM).

**Simple 2/3 doable steps - covering Emotions(our 24x7 shadow), Positive Response & coping mechanism, Food, Activities, Sleep, hobbies, sports, ... to auto generate a wider Individual specific CANVAS to better understand the co-relation and impact of these non-medical factors. This is achieved by providing Multiple parameters-patterns-Analysis options, Issue specific Preloaded indications, interpretations, customised input forms and related resources, to simplify, systemise and speedup steps for consultation, coaching, guidance, tracking, monitoring for plan/programs/therapy by Individual and their Service Providers.

What's the core basics affecting individual's all round wellbeing, peace, happiness?

  • More than 70% of unhappiness is self-created as one does not know how to receive, process and respond to situations in balanced way. Hence Daily Issues result in lot of emotional build-up, stress & strain with detrimental effect for Individual's physical and emotional health, productivity, peace & happiness.
  • 65% of all ill-health can be controlled/overcome in simple steps before it becomes chronic.

Suggestions to leverage WellnessWay4U online ecosystem for Individual Wellbeing

  • We don't recommend any Hospitals, Practitioners or any Wellness Products & Services, as the ecosystem provides tools & resources (**360 deg approach) for Individuals to map their wellbeing path with their Service Providers smoothly
  • There is huge awareness about mental health through articles, blogs, and counselling helplines. Our ecosystem is the medium to activate interlinking action around these conversations, hence anchor for every person, who thinks a million thoughts and goes through hundreds of emotions of different shade and color, every single day.
  • To face Life's Challenges with confident Responses instead of Reactions, and Manage One's physical, emotional & productive issues better.
  • To convert Worry, issues to positive energy, opportunities and work to find best possible solutions.
  • Drives Awareness, Engagement, Empowerment, Accountability & Motivation in Simple doable steps and Private - LISTENING to body's cries / warnings + Speaking to yourself about your own Lifestyle for just 10 minutes daily Inputs on the online tools at various stages.
  • It is based on vast research on healthy living, our ancient healing sciences & modern Medicine Research as well as Non-invasive scans carried out on a unique German CE Wellness Device . News reviews by Times of India, Express Healthcare, NDTV etc.
  • Helps people design and work their all round well-being roadmap specially emotional wellness by - Understanding what is going on in their head and drilling a layer deeper, Training the mind to befriend its thoughts and emotions and act in a self-conscious manner – through our Think, Reflect, and Explore flow. See the light at the end of the tunnel with a range of possibilities designed to surmount the problem and now, comes the most important part – select their course of ACTION. ...LIFE KO DE NAYA ANDAAZ
  • Rewards for Individual Consistency to celebrate Your Success in nurturing positive lifestyle changes.

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Deloitte, Bloomberg, Forbes Articles , ALL ROUND Benefits of Personal DIARY

Wellness made engaging, fun and rewarding

An excellent uncluttered, relevant Channel. Powerful medium for Marketing Promotion, Branding, POS for Wellness Product Manufacturers /Service Providers such as Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements, Sports & Fitness Equipments etc.

We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline.

We only provide online framework for positive response & coping mechanism, **360 deg holistic approach including a text consultation platform for continous daily interaction with your practitioners. Awareness, Engagement, Empowerment, Accountability & Motivation are the Five Keys this ecosystem.

JUST 10 minutes daily - 6/7 simple steps to make you confident, reduce Stress, Anger, spread Joy.

If you are feeling suicidal or depressed, we suggest that you immediately call up your concerned practitioner or a suicide prevention helpline such as Vandrevala Foundation- 1860 266 2345, Aasra- +91 22 2754 6669 , MPowerMinds - 1800-120-820050

My Support System - Review, Monitor, Guidance
Chaitanya Wellness Initiative
On Well-being
Thomas Edison Says
“The Doctor of the future will give NO medicine but will interest his patient in the care of human frame, in diet & in the cause & prevention of disease”
Hippocrates says
“We must turn to nature itself to the observations of the body in health & in disease to learn the truth”
World Health Organization Says
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social Wellbeing & not merely absence of disease & infirmity”
Florence Nightingale says
“Health is not only to be well but to use well every power we have”
Wellness is an organised set of Activities to help Individuals make changes or maintain habits that help reduce their health Risks,& reduce Medical Costs as well as enhance their capabiliti es. Wellness is more than Diet, Weight & Exercises & must include the critical Emotional Parameters of our Daily Routine + current physical state + current emotional state. Wellness to be effective has to be a continuous process which is possible only through quality guidance & personalised solutions.