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An exciting ONLINE channel to leverage the power of

DigiTech and AI tools Specially for Counsellor, Psychologist, Coach, Therapist, Trainers, Alternate Healing Practitioners, wellbeing service providers

in 2/3 steps comprising of preloaded indications, interpretations, templates, resources to simplify & speedup steps for Individual's real-time inputs, single click Analysis, Patterns, consultation, tracking, monitoring for your plan/programs/therapy.

-To handle more Clients, value added service, better Client Accountability, better Client Engagement, more individual specific view and reaping more such manifold benefits on your Services

It is SIMPLE. Just



SETUP your Hub

TO Access tools, Preloaded indications, interpretations, resources to handle multiple clients, deliver multiple services seamlessly, have better and wider overview of your Client's issues.

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Connect with your Clients

Set up your Individual specific Online channel with each Clients for proactive engagement, accountability, real-time inputs, consultation threads-history & smooth interaction. To motivate, for their consistency Individuals get Reward points redeemable with specified Products

Customised Products & Services

Leverage Digitech Tools

Multiple Analysis options with single click for Client's realtime inputs, Patterns to Guide, track and direct further steps. Regular review & consultation mechanism through ONLINE Consultation Forum enables to track the progress of your Wellness Programs, Therapies, Coaching, Counselling etc. at the beginining, midway (multiple number of times) & end of the same. Provide Value Add-on Services based on Client Profiling, issues and Need

The ONLY Site which motivates & acknowledges your every effort by



For your consistency & frequency in guiding more & more Individuals for their wellbeing, basic Upgrades at No Costs. A great opportunity to know what more additional features, modifications you require for your Services, which we will be glad to assist you with our expertise, Business Support Services*****.


Curated Content, DIY (Do-it-yourself) actionables post-workshops, meets (specially coach, counsellors, dietician, .......), Events, Workshops, Seminars, Games, Contests(unlimited,multiple locations, multiple sessions). Available Licence, API, customisation too.

*****Our Business Support Services -

Important : Our Online Ecosystem (website, apps) will ONLY support Service Providers with required tools, resources & services - preloaded indications, interpretations, customised input forms etc to simplify & speedup steps. We will NOT recommend or provide any consultation ourselves.

  • ONLINE back-office system to easily manage, control, and provide hassle free Services to their customers including Payment Gateway.
  • Conceptualizing, module design, content planning, maintaining the Online Website & Apps.
  • Social media/ digital marketing campaign to ensure reach, conversions, customer engagement, and retention.
  • Consultancy Support for more value-added services, Go-to-market strategy, and help in brand building and business expansion.
  • Smart Welcare Community initiatives/campaigns etc focussed to support all round individual and community wellbeing specially emotional.

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