AA - My Insta BodySpeak Canvas

What is Insta BodySpeak Canvas?

A Canvas - displaying Energy Signals from Individual’s Organs & Body parts to know the effects of non-productive / detrimental factors in your Life. It records our Body’s daily warning cries as it responds to daily situations & routine.

- Your colourful Aura, Bioenergy & Chakra (ABC) Feedback by

Unique German BPR Device

Innovative German Wellness Device (BPR) + 8 Software Programs

- combination of Eastern Holistic healing & Western Medical Sciences. More info at BPR-Applications

Uniqueness : Scanning of Individual’s Palm

No Medicines, No Electromagnetic Radiations, No Questionnaires.

News Reviews at http://kanchanhealthcare.com/bpr_system/news_reviews.

More information on process, features, advantages, benefits to Corporates, Individuals, H & Wellness Coach/ Practitioners.

GET your Insta BodySpeak Canvas at your Door step :

  1. First Step : Onsite (at your location) Scan of individual’s Palm in ONE minute gives one’s biofeedback graph of 43 Organs, Aura & Chakra reading
  2. Second Step : The readings recorded in First Step above is uploaded on Web based system by our team to generate the ABC Feedback Interpretations for Physical state as well as Emotional State of the person. For Interactive Individual engagement & reliability, the Customer Copy will be shared via a Link to concerned Individual's email for accessing the same.
  3. Third Step : On clicking the above Link, the Customer Copy will open through OTP for the Individual to mark therein only those current as well as past Physical & Emotional States experienced & SAVE the same. The filtered readings will generate the Insta BodySpeak Canvas for further consultation or needful action.
  4. Fourth Step : To take proper & safe care, Individuals should consult their existing Practitioners or our panel shall provide telephonic consultation.
  5. Fifth Step (Advanced & Optional) : See & understand signals from your daily routine & emotion patterns to identify the non-productive /detrimental factors as well as the productive/ positive factors affecting one’s physical & emotional wellbeing - Your own Behavourial Mirror. Generate it at www.wellnessway4u.com + Online 24x7 for discussion with your Wellness Coach / Practitioner.This facility can be availed without any Fees for the basic features always.

Cost :

My Insta BodySpeak Canvas would cost Rs.950/- per person. Taxes additional as applicable.

Minimum booking : 50 persons per single Onsite location.

Scanning Time :

Only ONE minute per person. In One hour 10/12 Scans can be recorded.

Booking schedules :

For booking MBS session, kindly email number of persons, location & preferred Dates to mbs-consult@wellnessway4u.com

On our email confirmation of availability of Device, the total Amount has to be deposited in Advance by the stipulated period as per the Payment Mode specified.

Currently available only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & surrounding areas. Other Areas will be operational soon as we add more Franchises.

Related contact info :

For suggestions, kindly email to suggestions_mbs@wellnessway4u.com

For complaints, kindly email to complaint_mbs@wellnessway4u.com