Digital Assets

.... Engaging Touchpoints, uncluttered digital space, multiple opportunities.

Our Digital Media Property

  • High engagement, High Retention Online Media slots & engagement touchpoints*** for uncluttered View space for Brands.


***Tools & resources for 360 deg holistic approach to "daily issues/hassles" interlinking positive response & coping mechanism, Food, Activities, hobbies, sports (micro factors unique to each Individual). Hence a versatile framework that can connect healing sciences, therapies, possibly wearable devices (pairing-connecting the dots) that can be expanded to DELIVER a connected end to end system.

This provides above multiple opportunities on long term campaign basis to target focussed Individuals at a low cost to build Brand image, product & service awareness with linkup to your own POS (website/ecom terminal). To begin with our suggestions are the Digital Banners, Discount code/coupon, Tagline.

  • Our online ecosystem Framework provides support tools for Wellbeing Advisors / Service Providers which can be modified as required - License, API, Employee Wellbeing programs with interesting actionable, DIY (Do-it-yourself) actionables post-workshops, meets. .... specially for Coach, Counsellors etc.

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